Throughout the Zelda series, Fairy Fountains have served as places of respite and relaxation. Often concealed underground or within dank caves, these hidden grottos tend to be filled with fluttering, friendly faces, while maintaining a sense of mystery and obscurity. The difficult balance of those feelings has been struck perfectly by this vocal and harp cover of the “Fairy Fountain” theme, sung by Jillian Aversa with Harpsona accompanying on harp.

Iconic and instantly recognizable, “Fairy Fountain” has appeared in the majority of Zelda titles and frequently pulls double duty as the file select music. I assure you, though, that you’ve never heard it quite like this. Zelda music rarely contains vocals and even when it does, it’s usually limited to operatic chanting and lacks recognizable language. Jillian lends not only her beautiful voice to this cover, but evocative lyrics that follow the classic melody. They brilliantly evoke the style and mood of “Fairy Fountain”, welcoming the listener with the replenishing warmth these areas provide, but being vague enough to uphold their enigmatic role in the world of Hyrule. Harpsona’s performance on harp wonderfully compliments the song, providing the necessary texture and rhythm. Especially impressive is a segment in the cover’s midsection where the tempo shifts to accommodate a brief reprise of “The Legend of Zelda Theme”.

Jillian Aversa and Harpsona perform many video game covers with vocals and harp respectively, including other Zelda tracks. You can follow Jillian Aversa on Facebook, Twitter, or her website and you can contribute to her Patreon page if you love her work. Harpsona can also be found on Facebook, Twitter, Patreon, and her personal website. She is also on Instagram, Tumblr, and TikTok.

What do you think of this vocal and harp cover? What other classic Zelda tunes should have lyrics written for them? Let us know in the comments below!


Source: Jillian Aversa

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