FSAOne of the lesser talked about games in the Zelda franchise is Four Swords Adventures released for the Nintendo GameCube. While the game received good reviews, most people seemed to be put off by the fact that you needed to use multiple GameBoy Advances in order to play to achieve multiplayer mode, which is how the game was mainly intended to be played. YouTube channel Really Freakin’ Clever delves into Four Swords Adventures and looks at how the different gameplay as a unique and enjoyable experience. Take the jump to see the video!

The developers seem to have incorporated the multiple Links into the game in more ways than just puzzle solving while remaining reminiscent of The Minish Cap, but on a much grander scale. I haven’t had the opportunity to play Four Swords Adventures, but a friend said playing it solo is really frustrating. This video has made me want to give it a try and see how effective the new take on gameplay really is.

Have you been able to play it? Has this video changed your view on the game? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: YouTube