Hey! Listen! Over the years, Link has been accompanied by some lovely companions. From fairies to talking objects to princesses, these companions have given support to both our hero and ourselves. Now Zelda Dungeon’s own Tier Force Heroes have taken on the task of ranking each of these into the definitive ranking of Zelda companions.

Considering a companion only to be a character that accompanies Link the entire game (meaning not Epona or other supporting characters like Saria), they gathered this list:

  • Navi
  • Tatl
  • Fi
  • The King of Red Lions
  • Midna
  • Zelda (Spirit Tracks)
  • Linebeck
  • Ezlo
  • Ciela

Gooey Fame, Corey Richmond, and Skull Kid Nico hunker down and create the definitive tier rankings for these companions. Who do you think is the greatest companion in a Zelda game? (I myself am fond of Tatl and Midna!) Let us know what your ranking is down in the comments below!

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