I adore Hyrule Warriors, but with the release of Fire Emblem Warriors, the chances of Koei Tecmo releasing more DLC for Hyrule Warriors in the future is unlikely. However, there are still plenty of viable options and features that can be added into a Hyrule Warriors sequel, especially since Breath of the Wild came out earlier this year. With that in mind, I’ve compiled a wishlist of things I would want to have added in a sequel of this addictive fighting game.

Outfits from Breath of the Wild

The DLC packages up until now for Hyrule Warriors have consistently included alternative outfits and masks for the characters to wear, so having outfits themed around Breath of the Wild in a sequel just makes sense. Link can don the Champion’s Tunic and his signature ponytail, Zelda can wear her adventure attire from Link’s lost memories, Sheik and Impa can wear the Sheikah attire seen in Kakariko Village, Medli can wear Rito inspired clothing from Rito Village, Darunia can wear Daruk’s scarf, and Ruto can wear Zora royalty headdresses from Zora’s Domain. The possibilities of outfits that can be incorporated from Breath of the Wild into Hyrule Warriors are endless, and I want to see them all.

Nabooru as a Playable Character

Ocarina of Time has some representation with playable Sages like Ruto and Darunia, but since Hyrule Warriors doesn’t have any other Gerudo fighters except Ganondorf, Nabooru is a strong candidate for the sequel. The Sage of Spirit from Ocarina of Time, Nabooru even had an opportunity to fight in the game as well (even though she was clad in Iron Knuckle armor and brainwashed, I still think it counts), and she’s a potentially awesome character to include in the lineup. She can fight with a cool scimitar, or even wear the Silver Gauntlets to fight with the massive axe she wielded in her Iron Knuckle armor. The Iron Knuckle armor could even be featured during an ultimate attack, or as a Focus Spirit form. She could have spirit based attacks due to her status as the Sage of Spirit, making her combat more diversified and interesting. Fast and agile, Nabooru would be a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.

The Rod of Seasons as a New Weapon

In Oracle of Seasons, Link is able to control the seasons with this rod on a tree stump. It may sound harmless, but hear me out. This rod can change seasons on command, and that idea alone is devastating. Imagine Link being able to conjure blizzards and have trees explosively emerge from the ground to fend off enemies. Having this as a weapon would diversify the combat as well as give Link a new weapon to fight with.

More Musical Homages

This might seem a little random, and to be fair, Hyrule Warriors has a lot of excellent remixes of classic Zelda themes as well as original scores to fill out the soundtrack. But it’s because of how wonderful the music is in the first Hyrule Warriors that I would expect the quality to be retained in a sequel, as well as including new scores inspired by Breath of the Wild‘s melodies. Finally, I want the Adventure Map track from Four Swords Adventures to be remixed for the game as well. It’s a fantastic song that would mesh well with the action and intensity of the game.

More Original Story Content

I liked the story mode presented in Hyrule Warriors, and I think a sequel could take advantage of incorporating a new narrative and original characters to go along with it. Since the Zelda series heavily features reincarnation, new versions of the core cast could be designed, and they can still recruit the characters from across the series under the guise of a new story. Better yet, the Guardians and Calamity versions of Ganon from Breath of the Wild could easily be woven into the narrative of a Hyrule Warriors sequel, and while having to fight the Guardians once again would be scary beyond belief for me, it would be an incredibly fun and epic boss fight.

Champion Mipha as a Playable Character

While all of the Champions would be fun to play as in the context of Hyrule Warriors, I’m going with Mipha as my primary choice because of her special weapon, the Lightscale Trident. This is a unique weapon that hasn’t been featured as a primary weapon in Hyrule Warriors yet (since Volga is a Hyrule Warriors original character, he doesn’t count), and adding her among the cast in a sequel would give Mipha a fun, distinct fighting style. Her special attacks could even incorporate the Divine Beast Vah Ruta, from a blast of water from its trunk to washing the enemies away with a flood of water. Mipha’s healing abilities could be featured as well. Much like how Young Link can play his ocarina to restore some of his Focus Spirit gauge, Mipha’s healing abilities can operate in the same way. Her special ability, Mipha’s Grace, can be her Focus Spirit form, both healing her and giving her a boost in power. I would have a lot of fun playing as this sweet, kindhearted Zora princess, with her potentially unique fighting style and healing based abilities.

 New Locations

Hyrule Warriors took full advantage of designing its locations off of various locations in the Zelda universe, and I would love to see this trend continue in a sequel. Imagine fighting off hordes of enemies in the snowy mountains leading up to Snowhead Temple from Majora’s Mask, running across a massive field inspired by Breath of the Wild, or sneaking into the castle and avoiding the spotlights like in Four Swords Adventures. Hyrule Warriors was a visually breathtaking game, and its sequel would no doubt benefit from the same high quality graphics and backgrounds.

Better Multiplayer Options

Perhaps one of the most disappointing things about Hyrule Warriors was the limited multiplayer options, or in the case of Hyrule Warriors Legends, no multiplayer feature at all. One player would be playing on the TV screen, while the other would have to use the Wii U tablet. It wasn’t a bad system, but with the power of the Nintendo Switch, multiplayer for a sequel would be much easier to do. Multiple Switches can be together in the same room and connect locally, and each player could enjoy the game on their screens. I think multiplayer could even be done split screen on a television screen as well. The map can be on the bottom to where both players can still navigate to each task with ease while also promoting teamwork and having a fun co-op mode, something that Nintendo likes to include whenever they can.

These are just a some of the features I would love to see in a sequel for Hyrule Warriors someday. What do you think? What characters would you want a Hyrule Warriors sequel to add to its cast? Let us know in the comments!

Michaela El-Ters is an Original Content Editor at Zelda Informer. For more of her wishful thinking, check out her blog.

Feature art by Txikimorin and UG

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  • Dylan

    hmm I would of added voice cast and have multiple talking Link’s. [since its Non-Canon, why not seeing different link’s get together as well.]

  • Happy Mask Collector

    Happy Mask Salesman and Majora NEED to be playable as well.

  • JessterK

    Voice acting would be nice for everyone except for Link. For playable characters, I think some that deserve inclusion include Malon (lot’s of appearances in the series, more so than most other supporting characters, with a good potential moveset using a pitchfork and farm animals), Onox (fits perfectly as a semi Volga clone, but his ball and chain as a weapon and is slower but stronger), Saria (a fan favorite who could use lots of plant/forest based attacks), and Vaati (multiple forms and the second most recurring villain after ganon). And, I’m probably in the minority, but I don’t want OCs not from the main series attempting to steal the show like Lana and Cia.

  • ThisGuyHatesOOT

    It would have a 99% chance of being better than the first one if it includes fan favorites and doesn’t feel like a DLC with a price of an actual game, *cough* Pokemon *cough*. Hopefully they do something similar to the Wind Waker post-game story, as I quite enjoyed that. All though, we don’t need any more OCs as they felt like filter to me.

  • Christian Beach

    I would love a sequel to Hyrule Warriors for the Switch. The first one is one of my favorite Wii U games.

  • Isaix

    Hyrule Warriors for the Switch NEEDS to happen,with everything that was added in Legends plus new stages,new adventure maps,new costumes and weapons,new enemies and bosses,NEW EVERYTHING that game was amazing.

    As for new characters I think the four other champions from Breath of The Wild would be garantied,I’d really like to see Nabooru, Saria,Veran,Groose,Demise,Onox and Vaati

    Oh and Toon Link with the Four Swords and Young Link with the other transformation masks would be awesome

  • avalpsychicguy

    There are a lot of people who never bought Hyrule Warriors: Legends. Just making a Switch port of the original on Wii U, with all the content and DLC from both the Wii U and the 3DS versions, would be enough of a sequel for most fans of the original game. Of course, in order to satisfy those of us who did buy Legends (including this guy!), they’d probably have to tack on even more content.

  • Dylan

    I agree except for one thing, since the games are entirely non-canon, I think Link talking would actually work in favor.

  • Dreamwalker

    Another mediocre game full of micropayments? No, thanks. The first one is shameful enough.

  • LinkP22

    Bonjour, j’écris ce message de la France et fais un petit coucou à la personne qui a posté cet article et à l’équipe de Zelda informer que je suis assez souvent et que je remercie.
    Je trouve que l’idée est excellente, sur le concept d’incorporer Breath of the Wild dans Hyrule Warrior serait génial et de l’avoir en version switch avec tout les DLC de la version Wii U et 3DS serait ouf! Il faudrait que améliore le côté multijoueurs et là, un jeu sublime!!!
    Ce qui serait cool c’est de faire partager cette avis à Nintendo pour voir ce qu’il en pense mais je ne connais aucun moyen pour communiquer avec eux (Et je ne parle que de Nintendo of America ou Nintendo of Japan). Connaissez-vous un moyen, vous de votre côté?
    Merci encore de ses idées, je les trouves excellente!

  • JasonBall

    I want more prominent woman physics

  • Xaragon

    On Switch
    Wii U graphics if not better (720p Wii U graphics in portable mode should work)
    3DS gameplay with more content
    More arenas from portable games
    More characters! Groose, Vaati, Onox, Veran, Majora, Byrne.
    More weapons
    More costumes
    Better optimized DLC content. Both games suffered from DLC being too situational to be useful to the average player who wanted to get the prizes.

  • JoShadow

    More type of soldiers (Gerudo, Zora, Deku)
    More giant bosses (some friendly one would be nice like Biggoron or King Zora)
    Majora could be a focus form for Skull Kid.
    Lot more story contents
    Less repetitive adventure mode
    A couple of bonus story mission with each DLC would be perfect so that the new characters are included in the story