Do you have a passion for writing fan fiction?  Are you obsessed with The Legend of Zelda?  Have you got a story that you’d love to share on the biggest Zelda fan-site there is?  If you’ve answered yes to all three of these questions, then we should talk!

Zelda Dungeon is offering the chance to showcase your fan fiction as part of its Fan Fiction Friday segment!  This takes place on a weekly basis — you guessed it — on a Friday, and is open to one-shot pieces as well as longer segments.  Whether you’ve written a thrilling adventure featuring one of your favorite NPCs from the Zelda series, or a tale of star-crossed lovers finding their happy ending in Hyrule, this could be your big opportunity to share it with our wonderful community.

Rules for Submission:

  • Each submission must be PG-13 in terms of violence, content, and sexual content.  Any discriminatory language, suggested or otherwise, will not be accepted.
  • Each submission must be a maximum of 1000 words. If your fan fiction is longer, you should consider submitting it as a multipart series.
  • You must have a social media account that we can link to.
  • You must be at least 18 years of age when making your submission.
  • Zelda Dungeon reserve the right to edit anything deemed necessary.

Featuring your fan fiction on Zelda Dungeon is completely voluntary, and in return you’ll get exposure for your writing, including having your content shared by a website with over one million combined social media followers!

To submit your fan fiction for review, send your story to  Be sure to include your full name and a link to your social media profile so we can credit your piece!  If your work is going to be featured on the site, I’ll be in touch soon.

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