PSP2 vs. 3DS, Round 1


After the relative failure of the original PSP compared to Nintendo’s DS, Sony seems determined to take down the upcoming 3DS with their own handheld successor. Sounds crazy, right? Obviously Sony doesn’t think so – they’re pouring everything they’ve got into making the PSP2 the highest-powered hot commodity on the market. How serious are they? Well, they certainly talk a big game…

The latest claim is that the PSP2 is going to have the same graphical processing power as the PS3 – full HD output beyond anything the 3DS can muster in its current form. The as-of-yet-under-wraps handheld is said to outstrip the 3DS by the same margin present between the original PSP and DS.

Hasn’t Sony learned its lesson after the PSP’s dismal sales performance? High-powered hardware isn’t the best way to draw customers – it takes a strong dedication to fun and unique software to deliver a successful gaming console. You can tell they’re nervous, too; word on the street has it that they’ll be revealing the PSP2 on January 27, just eight days after the 3DS megamedia event in Europe and New York.

We’ll let the market decide.

Source: Next-Gen


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