Project Cafe Fake

That’s right, the Project Café excitement has led some individual(s) to go to the lengths of faking footage of a private developer conference, which they like to call “leaked footage”. I’m not even going to present this as semi-believable, because it screams fake.

I mean, I’ve seen fake things before, but this is the fakest thing that ever graced the fakest of the fake. It is an entertaining little video though; they’ve got to get some credit for trying to make it look like God Reggie is sitting in front of them. Come inside for the video and why I’m calling fake.

Why it’s fake:

  • They didn’t bother with sound.
  • There’s no way you could obviously sit that close and film it all.
  • The slideshow looks to be of early prototypes, when Café is further along than that.
  • They’ve only got two people in the video – simpler to make.
  • The woman presenting addresses it directly at fake-Reggie and not at the whole audience.
  • Having a Reggie look-a-like screams tying too hard.
  • What they highlight in red as the console itself looks like the prototypes/speculations/other fakes we’ve seen. They haven’t even been creative.
  • This is the only video ever uploaded to the YouTube channel.

So what do you think? You know an even more valid question is why I even posted this, if there’s any reason other than it’s comedic value. We have to wait until June 7 for E3 before we learn anything new folks. I guess faking videos is just one way for some to cope… Whatever floats your boat!

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