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Earlier today we got confirmation that Project Cafe not only exists, but that it will indeed be revealed in full at E3. In that statement they claimed there would be a playable dev version at E3, though at the time most though that meant the system would be able to be played on stage as it’s likely there just isn’t a lot of ready demo’s yet (so in essence, play one demo on stage… watch a bunch of videos of games for it)… turns out that assumption is incorrect. Kotaku just got confirmation that “playable” means “playable by everyone”. So if you’re heading to E3 (like us), you’ll get a chance to play the new system in person. This naturally leads to speculation on what games will be playable… hop inside.

We know games such as “Starfox” have been rumored, as well as GTA V, so we’ll see what happens. It’s likely they will have at least one title showing off the functionality gain of the touch screen, while some 3rd parties will likely show off a couple straight up ports. I am sure there will be one game that purely shows off the console’s power. In the end, no one knows yet what will be available to demo, but the fact it will be playable suggests that this E3 wont be “entirely” about the 3DS after all. While there is sure to be plenty of 3DS pushing and Skyward Sword swinging, everyone knows that this little system is going to be the talk of E3.

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