Alright folks, E3 is right around the corner, and it’s more than obvious that the internet is being showered with rumors of dubious validity. But, for better or worse, here they are, if nothing else then for the amusement of it. A 10 minute demo reel spawned a gigantic fan reaction that shocked Mortal Kombat Legacy into being, so perhaps even a rumor that’s outrageous enough can affect the future. That being said, brace yourself, because some of these are gigantic, prepare that salt.

The Console

The Games

  • Mii Minigames are packaged into the console
  • Current Mario Kart (That’s Current for the console, not the current Mario Kart… you get it…)
  • Super Smash Bros. 4 will be presented at the E3
  • So will Endless Ocean…
  • …and Pikmin
  • Skyward Sword will NOT be ported to the console, but the backwards compatibility works flawlessly
  • New Kirby Game, not a sequel to Epic Yarn
  • Several other first party IPs
  • A Zelda Collection for the 25th anniversary. It’ll include The Wind Waker
  • Another Animal Crossing game
  • “Some small, weird little RPG thing”
  • Another Kid Icarus to compliment the 3DS one
  • A yet unnamed First Person Metroid game, not entirely focused on Samus
  • Nintendo’s been holding back a bunch of downloadable games and will release them somewhere in the launch window of the new console
  • A new open world Mario game (More on this below)
  • Another Donkey Kong Country title, probably from Retro games.
  • One of the new IPs “focuses on being a lighthearted post apocalypse [sic] set on the ocean”
  • Dead Rising 2
  • Street Fighter 4 is getting a “Super” edition
  • “Something that looked like Resident Evil 5”
  • Silent Hill Downpour confirmed for the console
  • Phantasy Star Online 2 is not coming to the console, PC exclusive
  • Suda 51 is working on a game for Current, but it’s not No More Heroes but rather something about hunting demos
  • Some comic book games, including a Spiderman title
  • Another Shin Megami Tensei, possibly Persona 5 or Devil Summoner
  • “Some mecha game”
  • Trauma Center: Current Crisis is real
  • Tekken and Soul Calibur are also coming, Tekken might be Street Fighter vs Tekken
  • GTA V is being announced, but probably not exclusive
  • Crystal Chronicles is also coming, it’s a prequel to the GC title
  • Yet another MGS game, this time you play as a girl
  • A cyberpunk looking game, possibly Snatcher
  • A new Gradius
  • Contra: Current C
  • Super Mario World 3

  • Open world, not hub based
  • Wario is making a return
  • There is no gimmick like in Sunshine or Galaxy
  • Long distance travel is done via Yoshi or warp pipes, similar to Paper Mario
  • One of the showcased areas features a wrecked pirate ship with a “W” flag
  • Source 1, Source 2

    There you have it folks. The two posts have one month in-between them, so it’s entirely possible (and most likely) that they’re both fake and that the latter one simply saw the former, and expanded upon that. But, it’s nice to dream, and we’ll know in 2 days anyway. Let the discussion commence!

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