Zelda has never been known to run around like her own version of The Flash, and she probably never will. Excluding her Sheik transformation, Zelda is about average speed in Super Smash Bros.: Melee. A Reddit user named uzk, however, has decided to try adjusting her speed to see how she would fare with an agility boost. How does she stack up? Well let’s just watch and see how she does against the speedster of the game: Fox.

As the video shows, uzk proves that Fox is no match for a suped-up version of the princess. Using a TAS (tool-assisted superplay) module, uzk made her speed the exact same as our galactic starfighter hero by copying and pasting Fox’s initial speed, terminal speed, walk speed, friction, max aerial high speed, and initial jump high speed all onto Zelda. The results speak for themselves with Zelda showing Fox a thing or two about speed.

I’ve seen Super Smash Bros. matches happen at these speeds and I must say that was a pretty fun watch. What do you think of the speedy Zelda? Maybe something worth checking out? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Reddit

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