Princess Zelda Pony Figurine

Pony ZeldaThe pony invasion of the internet continues with this gorgeous “bronified” Princess Zelda figurine posted by the artist LadySatine2004 on her deviantART page. A testament to the creativity of the online brony subculture inspired by the Hasbro My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic animated series, the Zelda-themed pony creation can be seen in full after the jump.


The transformation of Princess Zelda into a pony is surprisingly successful. Zelda’s identity is immediately clear and is expressed with crisp and lovingly sculpted details. I especially like the attention paid to the princess’s elaborate jewelry and embroidered shoulder pads.

LadySatine2004’s deviantART gallery contains a multitude of custom-made pony creations, showing her clear enthusiasm for the artistic niche. Feel free to check out her full collection here.

Source: DeviantART

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