A few weeks ago, we learned that Hyrule Warriors would be receiving amiibo compatibility, specifically with the Link amiibo. Finally, during yesterday’s exciting Nintendo Direct, we learned that this interaction will unlock a new weapon for the hero: the spinner. Along with a trailer showcasing Link cutting down his enemies with the Twilight Princess item, we were informed that all other amiibo compatible with Smash would work with Hyrule Warriors, albeit in more limited capacities (e.g. unlocking items, materials, etc.). Today, however, Koei Tecmo revealed that at least on other amiibo – Princess Zelda – will unlock an additional weapon in the game.

While the spinner seemed like a fairly obvious choice for a Link Amiibo, it’s hard to say exactly what weapon we’ll get to see Zelda toting when her amiibo arrives in December. Perhaps we’ll see her get a rideable mount as Link did with Epona? I, for one, would love to see a re-imagined (and much larger) Beetle item used as her weapon, although perhaps that’d be a better fit for Agitha. Are you looking forward to these additional weapons? What are your predictions regarding Zelda’s yet unannounced new item?

Source: Official Hyrule Warriors Website (via Siliconera)

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