amiboimgUPDATE: Koei Tecmo has clarified that Zelda will not be receiving a new weapon from amiibo. Touching a Link or Zelda amiibo will get you a random weapon from among those already unlocked. You will get the Spinner the first time you touch Link, but there is no special prize for Zelda beyond the random weapon. Other amiibos will get you random weapons, materials, and rupees, up to five times per day.

Earlier it was mentioned that the spinner item from Twilight Princess could be unlocked with the Link Amiibo. Well the folks at Koei Tecmo have recently revealed that the Zelda Amiibo will also unlock a new item. However the weapon that will be unlocked remains to be revealed. The Zelda amiibo will be available in December as a part of the wave two which includes Pit, Luigi, and Captain Falcon.

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This is just going to have me guessing what it could possibly be. I instinctively want to say light arrows right off the bat, but she already has those. So some kind of special item for her still has me guessing. If I let my imagination run wild I think some kind of Tetra transformation but that might not happen here. I can still dream though.

Source: Koei Techmo

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