The second wave of amiibo is almost here, with a tentative street date of December 14th. It appears many retailers in the united states have broken street date today releasing some of the amiibo early. While not every single amiibo from the second wave was available at every store that broke street date, Princess Zelda‘s amiibo was the most prominently featured and most plentiful. Some stores broke the street date for Princess Zelda alone. We have confirmed cases of this happening at Toys R’ Us, Walmart, Target, and K-Mart.

Fans have been messaging us all day, showing of their haul. It may be worth checking out your local stores if your interested in getting a hold of the second wave of amiibo early. It’s more worth it too if you consider some of them may not be available in a second run. If you were fortunate to get them early… show us your haul in the comments below!

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