For all my talk of Ocarina of Time being an overrated Zelda game, it’s definitely not without good qualities. The most prominent one that comes to my mind is versatility. Not only has the 1998 title stood the test of time by remaining an accessible and playable classic to this day, it makes a fantastic canvas for randomizers and various modded versions.

Vidya James, a Zeldathon member and Twitch streamer, recently showcased a version of Ocarina of Time where young Princess Ruto is used to defeat Ganon. The fishy Zora royalty, who is normally used for various puzzles in Jabu-Jabu’s Belly, is added to Link’s arsenal like a throwable anvil. Although Ruto does not do as much damage to Ganon as the Master Sword or the Megaton Hammer, it’s more the hilarity and marvel of the concept that attracts our attentions.

Vidya also has a video presenting what it looks like for Ruto to be used against all the bosses in Ocarina of Time.


Be sure to follow Vidya on Twitter and check him out on Twitch, where he most often streams randomizers of Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask. Vidya also has a YouTube channel.

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Source: Vidya James (via Nintendo Life)

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