In a recent episode of Previously Recorded, the hosts dive in to a deep discussion about the black sheep of the Zelda family, Zelda 2. This game greatly differs from all other Zelda games, both in its combat and gameplay styles. Unlike the original, Zelda 2 has a “field” that is separate from the combat areas. The “field” has a top-down view but is very zoomed out and is used to navigate between towns or other such places while the combat areas are side-scrolling in nature. The Previously Recorded hosts give their opinions on why it’s such a different experience from the other Zelda games and why they either like or dislike it.

Given the very divided response this game often gets within the Zelda community, I found it incredibly interesting to hear a more nuanced and detailed discussion of

Zelda 2 than I usually see in forums. While I agree that it may not be a fantastic game, especially when compared to other entries in the franchise, I do believe that it is also not given due credit and many of it’s more subtle ideas are missed by players who are blinded by it’s differences. I think that although this video may not immediately turn you into a staunch supporter of Zelda 2, you will at least be able to appreciate it for what it is; a special experience and an experiment in which Nintendo took the Zelda series much farther down the RPG road than in any Zelda game before or since.

Do you agree with the hosts of Previously Recorded? Do you think that

Zelda 2 is one of the best Zelda games? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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