It starts slow, with a lone chord, giving you the sense that, this time, our hero is faced with a challenge far beyond any measure that he can comprehend. Then, a certain familiar song begins, and he finds a sense of bravery, of Courage, that builds from within.

And then…

Everything breaks loose.

In this cover of the Zelda Main Theme by metalcore band August Burns Red, Link takes on Ganon with a whole new power all his own. Fast, roaring, wailing, and true, this cover packs a heart-pounding pace with a rich, flawless melody, giving a fresh take on the notorious tune that no one knew they needed until now. Suddenly, fighting the evils of the land and saving the princess doesn’t seem so tough with this song playing.

Dangerous to go alone? Bring it on. Victory will be Link’s to claim.

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Source: Fearless Records on YouTube

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