Looking for the perfect holiday gift for the Zelda fan in your life? (Or maybe a little treat for yourself to start 2023 out right?) Look no further than this adorable fan-made calendar from Etsy artist KokiriCraigArt. Craig Tait is a longtime fan of The Legend of Zelda and is an avid fan of video games, in addition to being a talented artist.

Tait actually wanted to launch a calendar for 2022, but wasn’t able to finish soon enough. But this 2023 edition has all the love! He explains, “Over the last couple of years I’ve enjoyed drawing scenes from some of my favorite locations around Hyrule (and beyond!). I felt some pictures, as well as the games they are based on, fit particular months and seasons of the year. Wind Waker and Link’s Awakening always reminded me of summer, equally Majora’s Mask with its creepiness fit Halloween quite nicely! So to put a collection of drawings together for a calendar seemed like a fun idea.”

Tait also included some significant Zelda anniversaries within the calendar. For example, there is a note on the day of Ocarina of Time’s 25th anniversary—truly a work of love.

The calendar sells for £14.99 and can be expected within 2-3 weeks. You can pre-order here.

Below, you can preview some of the art from the calendar:


For more art from Craig Tait, click here.

Tell us what you think! Will you be pre-ordering this fan-man Zelda calendar? What do you think of the art style? Share your reactions in the comments below.

Source: KokiriCraigArt

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