Yesterday, we reported that First 4 Figures, designers and makers of highly detailed game-related statues, announced a first entry into their new Skyward Sword range. This statue, Link on Loftwing, is now available for pre-order! The item is currently priced at a whopping $ 459.99, although it is possible to purchase it as a four monthly plan.

The statue details Link riding his crimson Loftwing, obviously, supported by a swoop of air attached to a cloud. All this is held up by a generic statue base. As expected, the figure is highly detailed, capturing Skyward Sword‘s colour pallet beautifully! Shading and detailing is present in every nook and cranny, although I must note that Link‘s expression is a bit, well, out of the ordinary. Aside from this, the feathers and armor are extremely noteworthy, showing off that First 4 Figures is capable of delivering something fantastic.

The piece measures 26″ by 22″ by 25″ making it the biggest Zelda statue yet, it is sculpted from ploystene resin, and all the details are painted by hand. Every unit is numbered, authenticity card included, with production highly limited to 2500 worldwide. For those interested, get your order in as fast as possible because statues like this one sell like special editions on release day, link to the product is in the source.

Source: First4Figures

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