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You heard me right. An Official Pokemon app is slated to be released for iPhone and Android later this year. Sound far-fetched for Nintendo to expand the the smartphone world? It’s not exactly what you think it is…but we’ll get to that in a minute. Let’s start out by exploring the actual app.

The app is called Pokemon Say Tap? BW. It is a free music-based timing game featuring Pokemon cards(no, not the TCG cards). It sounds rather unimpressive to me, but it is still an astonishing thought at first: Pokemon games that aren’t on Nintendo hardware. It’s not as far-fetched an idea as you may think, though.

Pokemon is developed by Game Freak, an independent second-party game studio for Nintendo. So, while they have developed Pokemon exclusively for Nintendo in the past, they don’t have to. Nintendo only controls 32 percent of the company; enough to have some say, but they can’t stop them from moving on if they want.

I see no harm in this move. The game is not that impressive; it’s a pretty standard game that happens to feature Pokemon. I don’t see any reason for Game Freak to move the Pokemon Main Series of games from Nintendo. They’re some of the best selling games in the world right where they are. Why change?

So, with this new knowledge, would you want to see Pokemon on another console. The Vita, perhaps, or PS3? I know I wouldn’t. I want Pokemon Gray on either the 3DS or Wii U, if you please.

Source: Kotaku

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