For starters, the above trailer is for an Adult themed fan created Pokémon film. For a fan film, it’s production value appears to be really high, and the story is highly intriguing. While this could get shut down shortly after release, like Hero of Time did, if it gets released at all online it will always stick around. Trainers being outlawed? Underground league? Ash joins Team Rocket? What does it all mean? I don’t know, but I am pretty excited for it. There are definitely some faults in some of the CGI stuff, but this trailer has a sort of quirky charm to it. You can see an interview with it’s director and producer (who also happens to play Ash) at Shogun Gamer.

All that aside, we do have some interesting sales figures coming from Japan, where Pokémon Black and White has recently been released. According to Mantanweb out of Japan, Black and White (released on September 18th) has exceed 2.63 million copies sold in it’s first two days in Japan. As a comparison, Diamond and Pearl, combined, sold just 1.5 million units during it’s first week. Black and White is presently on pace to shatter any current sales records held in Japan. If it goes as well over here state side, we could be looking at shattering World Record sales figures. I just might have to pick this one up. Pokémon Black and White is released stateside in Spring 2011.

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