The hype for Nintendo’s highly anticipated Legend of Zelda title, A Link Between Worlds, has been quite extensive over the last few days as gaming sites gear up to publish their official reviews. Thankfully, as these reviewers continue to analyse the game’s every twist and turn, we gain the reward of seeing the gameplay videos which each site uploads.

Today, we have three more gameplay videos containing a new boss battle, fiery mini boss battle, and all-new vision of the hint ghost which appears in certain areas. If you do not want to be spoiled then do not click the jump below. Otherwise hop right on into the post for all the videos!

Warning: Videos below contain spoilers!!!

I’m really excited for A Link Between Worlds as it seems to be a well-developed and thought-out Zelda title. The boss fights are quite interesting to view while the hint ghost will prove to be useful for those who have trouble knowing what they need to do to get to a new area. It’s a great method in that you also need to acquire 3DS play coins before the hint ghost gives you any information. Did you notice that Link uses a special pair of glasses to glance upon the hint ghost?

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