The Zelda Project, a group based in Los Angeles dedicated to bring the world of Ocarina of Time to life via film, and Player Piano, an ensemble that creates videos and uses a combination of musical compositions and costumes to pay tribute to great TV series, games, and movies, has teamed up to create one of the most impressive fan project teasers I have ever seen.

This two-minute teaser epic gives you a tantalizing taste of the sheer awesomeness that will emerge from this collaboration. The fan film is planned to depict a final battle between Link and Ganondorf. The purpose? Save Princess Zelda, of course.

The teaser shows Link riding on Epona across a vast desert-like climate. He then dismounts his horse with a look of pain in his eyes, when a familiar friend appears to convince Link to continue: Navi.

Ending with a visually appealing scene of what I surmise is Ganondorf’s castle, the teaser closes with Zelda-esque text reading, “The Final Battle is coming.”

Be sure to check out the video above, and share your thoughts in the comments below. You can learn more about this fan project here.

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