Curiosity ShopWe have decided to begin a new Zelda-themed fan show. For now, it will be going under the name “Curiosity Shop” until we decide on a new name. You can send in art, questions, poems, fan fiction, and any other manner of Zelda thing you can think of, and we’ll be sure to cover as much as we can! Hit the jump to find out more about this new show….

This is episode 0.9, kind of like a pilot episode. We’re just testing the waters here with our host, Lorule-gan.

The Curiosity Shop will have many segments. One of the segments, “Mailbag”, is featured in this episode. A typical episode will cover many more questions, and show plenty of artwork you send in. While watching, be sure to let us know your thoughts, questions, and suggestions for improvement below.

If you would like to send in a piece of artwork or any other physical object, please check the address below the video. Otherwise, please comment your questions or link us to your artwork, poems, and fan fiction!

Logan from ZeldaDungeon
2680 S. Gold Bar Way
Meridian, ID 83642

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