That’s right, ZI fans; it’s time again to partake in our weekly Photoshop Contest! As you can see from this week’s somewhat excessive title, our contest this time around will involve constructing storybook scenes. Much like the opening cinematic of Tri Force Heroes, we want to see your own goofy creations unfold in the pages of a pop-up book. So let’s crack this thing open as soon as we check out the winners from last week’s contest: Free Week #5.

Last Week’s Contest:

Everyone seemed to really enjoy the sneaky Link Nendoroid we provided last week. The entries may have been few, but these winners were of the highest quality.

Best Submissions

Artist: LE38OY

Challenge Mode

Shelled Pokémon Shuckle was just as much a star of last week’s contest as the Link Nendoroid, as it was a necessary inclusion if contestants wished to accept the Challenge Mode rules. Additionally, challengers needed to include an iPhone 6S, which saw a release last Friday. Artist Matt_Dempsey submitted a hilarious image of Link in the club, snapping a selfie of his late-night adventures. There was no denying this entry the Challenge Mode trophy, and we’re all in agreement that DJ Shuckle is one of the funniest things the Photoshop Contest has ever seen.

This Week’s Contest: Silly Zelda Pop-Up Storybook

Tri Force Heroes’ opening cinematic made its way onto YouTube this week, showing off the upcoming game’s very goofy premise. The plot unfolds in the style of pop-up-storybook, whimsically introducing the tragedy faced by Princess Styla and her kingdom. It may not have pleased every fan, but we can definitely agree it’s a new approach for the Zelda series.

This week’s contest is to create a Zelda pop-up book scene, much in the style of Tri Force Heroes‘ opening. This may sound similar to a contest we held a few weeks back, but rest assured that you may base your pop-up book scene on any part of the Zelda series, not just Tri Force Heroes. Go ahead and use the images provided in our gallery, and anything else you find on the internet.

General Rules:

  • Submit your entries in the comments section below.
  • To save images from the gallery, right click the image in the gallery (without opening the image in lightbox) and select open image in new tab. Go up to the address bar and delete __small from the URL. Hit enter, right click, and save!
  • Photoshop is not required to enter the contest. Any image manipulation software can be used to create your entry.
  • Please refrain from using offensive material (racial, sexual, overuse of offensive language, etc.) We want to make the contest fun and accessible for fans of all ages.
  • Everyone is entitled to their own opinion at Zelda Informer. In fact, we encourage discussion based on those opinions. However, please do not insult other fans’ work. What may be funny to one person may not hold true for another…and that’s OK.
  • Have fun and be creative!

Deadline: Submit entries no later than next Wednesday at midnight: 11:59 p.m. PST on October 7. Entries submitted after this Deadline will not be considered.

Challenge Mode

For those that who want to test their skills with something more challenging, we have a few Challenge Rules for you to follow:

1. Your entry must recreate a scene from a past Zelda title.

2. Your entry must include a teddy bear.

If you think you’re up to the challenge, include the phrase Challenge Accepted with your submission. Remember, Challenge Mode submissions follow the same rules and guidelines of the base Photoshop Contest in addition to the Challenge Rules.

Good luck!

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