The time has come for yet another test of wit, creativity, and the use of expensive software for trivial purposes: a Photoshop Contest is upon us! This Friday Weekly Feature comes to you courtesy of a Zelda Informer staff meeting last week, where we decided to revitalize this fun-filled test of our readers’ photo manipulation abilities.

The gist of this contest is, we’re asking readers to submit the funniest, zaniest, most creative, or most awe-inspiring images they can produce with image alteration software, and submit them as a comment below this article. Your submissions must follow the rules of the contest that are outlined below.

Special Note: A version of Adobe Photoshop is not required for this contest. We understand if you use Gimp, Aperture, or some other professional image manipulation program. However, if all you’ve got to work with is Instagram and Meme Generator, you’re out of luck.

Contest: Grandma’s Adventure

Task: Make Link‘s grandmother (from Wind Waker) a part of Link’s adventure, either as a hoard of enemies, a replacement for Navi, the green-garbed hero herself, or something else. The more creative, the better!

Reward: The glory and respect of your peers that comes from us featuring your entry (if we deem it a winner) during next week’s contest.

Deadline: Submit entries no later than next Wednesday at midnight — 11:59 p.m. PST on January 28. Entries submitted after this Deadline will not be considered.

Fair Warning: Submissions that are little more than captions added to photos will be disqualified, so make something bold, fancy, and impressive! Other entries may be disqualified or even removed at our discretion, (hint: offensive, spam, or NSFW content won’t last long) so make your entry is a work of art rather than a quick joke or commentary.

Assets: Below are some images to help you get started. Use them as you wish.

Challenge Mode (Optional)

Challenge Mode is a variation on the Contest outlined above, and is an optional way to submit your entry meant to be tackled by readers who wish for a more difficult test of their abilities. The same Task, Deadline, and Fair Warning apply, although the best submission will be featured in a special category next week, and you also must add the comment “Challenge Accepted” above your entry (don’t write that on the entry itself, write it in your Disqus comment field), and you must follow the Challenge Rule.

Challenge Rule: Entry must contain elements taken only from images in this article’s Image Gallery, which you will find at the end of the article and above the comments section. No use of the top banner image for this article or pictures of women laughing while eating salad alone, or other images outside of the ones in this article’s Image Gallery are allowed for Challenge Mode submissions. However, you may crop, clone, heal, smudge, and otherwise alter them as much as you need. Your entry must also include pancakes in some way. I’ve provided an acceptable example of a challenge entry to the right.

Good luck!

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