Good afternoon and welcome back friends, fans, and cyber interlopers (you know who you are) to our Tuesday Weekly Feature: the Photoshop Contest! For those who are new to this feature, fear not; this is a very straightforward contest. Simply photoshop or otherwise alter the image, screenshot, or whatever it is we give you for the week and turn it into something hilarious, cool, or anything in between! Once you’re fully satisfied with your creation, post it (make sure you’re logged in!) in the comments section at the end of this post.

Last week, we set you up with some photos featuring some of Link‘s most memorable companions. Suffice to say, things didn’t quite turn out how I expected – they far exceeded them! This week, we venture into the territory of danger, using snapshots from some of our favorite boss battles Can Link take anyone down?

Thank you to all who participated last week and a big congratulations to our winners, featured below!

Reminder: Although use of Photoshop is not required, entries must alter the source photo in some way. A caption alone will not count as an entry in future Photoshop Contests. Please see Monday’s Weekly Feature, the Caption Contest, for more opportunities to caption photos. Additionally, if you have suggestions for photos or themes to be used in a future contest, please PM them to the author, or submit them below.




Honorable Mentions:



And now, for this week’s photos! Amaze us with your skills!

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