Part 3 of the Phantom Hourglass Walkthrough is now available. Just as in the other portions, this includes scanned images, artwork, and maps. This portion of the walkthrough takes Link through the Temple of the Ocean King for a second time. It also finds Link at Cannon Island, sailing the Great Sea, and Spirit Island. Link will get the Phantom Hourglass, Sea Chart #2, Cannon, as well as a few gems and treasure maps.

In addition to this, I’ve made slight adjustments to the Enemy Guide and Boss Guide. Originally many of the pages I uploaded before the release of the game were strongly based on the descriptions found in the strategy guide. However, now that I’ve played through most of the game, I’ve adjusted them accordingly.

Expect a few side quest pages up in the coming days as well as further additions to the walkthrough.

Phantom Hourglass Walkthrough Part 3

Phantom Hourglass Bosses
Phantom Hourglass Enemies
Phantom Hourglass Heart Containers
Phantom Hourglass Items
Phantom Hourglass Maps
Phantom Hourglass Sand of Hours
Phantom Hourglass Walkthrough Part 1
Phantom Hourglass Walkthrough Part 2


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