Part two of the Phantom Hourglass Walkthrough is now available online. This portion of the walkthrough takes Link around the Isle of Ember and through the Temple of Fire. Like part one of the walkthrough, this section is filled with in-depth descriptions, as well as artwork and screenshots. I have also made a slight update to the Boss Guide.

In addition to that, our old friend Cartoons, Caleb, and I also did some cleanup throughout several of the pages on the site. One of the notable ones is the revised game index page for Phantom Hourglass. It includes most of the same information, but in a more organized fashion.

Be sure to check back soon as more content for Phantom Hourglass is on its way!

Phantom Hourglass Walkthrough Part 2

Phantom Hourglass Bosses
Phantom Hourglass Enemies
Phantom Hourglass Heart Containers
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Phantom Hourglass Sand of Hours
Phantom Hourglass Walkthrough Part 1

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