I have just a very small content update for you all today. I added a guide for the Goron Questions on Goron Island. It lists all the questions and answers, along with some pretty pictures to brighten it up.

It is February and in the Zelda community, that means nominations for the Exploding Deku Nut’s annual Golden Item Awards. Nominations have begun and this year there are only 4 choices rather than 5. (The Golden Light Arrow for Forum Community is now retired). The 4 awards cover the most unique site, must stunning site, most aspiring site, and the lifetime achievement award. I’ve already made my nominees and those of you who are active in the Zelda community should go ahead and make yours. Nominees run through the end of the month at which the awards will be given out shortly after.

Zelda Dungeon also has a brand new affiliate, PureZC. They are a cool site that has downloadable fan made Zelda quests, tile sets, and music. Basically everything a fan game creator enthusiast is looking for.

Phantom Hourglass Goron Questions
Exploding Deku Nut Golden Item Awards
Pure Zelda

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