I finished up another small page for Phantom Hourglass, the treasures guide. This page covers the eight treasure pieces that Link finds throughout his quest. It has hints on how to get treasure, how to trade treasure, and descriptions of how the pricing. It also has images and in game descriptions of the eight actual treasure pieces. It is a decent read for those of you that are still pondering whether or not to get the game, or for those of you who have beaten it and just want to take another glance.

Also, we got a brand new affiliate today, Zelda Reorchestrated. They are easily one of the most unique websites found anywhere in the Zelda Community. Their goal is to take every single track you’d find in a Zelda game and bring them to life by orchestrating them. They have over 175 orchestrations including nearly the entire Ocarina of Time Soundtrack. If you are a big Zelda fan and haven’t seen ZREO, man are you missing out. Just take a gander and a quick listen and you will be addicted, just like me.

Phantom Hourglass Treasures
Zelda Reorchestrated

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