Our friends over at the Hylia have reported on updated sales in Japan for Phantom Hourglass. The newest figures put Phantom Hourglass as the 2nd highest sold game for the week of June 25th – July 1st, with 137,000 units sold during that week alone. This puts the two week total at 439,000. It’s no secret that the Zelda series has lost its touch over in Japan, but with the success of Phantom Hourglass, Zelda could become King once against in the East.

Our affiliate, Raurus Return, have posted up a scan which possible holds the release date for Phantom Hourglass in Europe. It says ETA: Winter 2007. The magazine is known to be kind of off when it comes to specific date so take this for whatever its worth. A release date in mid-November or perhaps a simultaneous release with American on October 1st seems to be healthy guesses. We’ll keep you informed.

Source: GAF

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