Phantom Hourglass Items

In what has been an ongoing project the last 2+ months has finally been completed. The Phantom Hourglass Items page is now complete and available for you all. It has locations, descriptions, and images for all 51 items that Link receives throughout his quest. If are having trouble finding all them pesky items or just want to look back at what Phantom Hourglass had to offer then check it out.

I’d like to welcome our newest ally, Zelda Classic. They are one of the oldest Zelda pages on the net and are not your average Zelda fan website. Since 1999, Zelda Classic has been a site dedicated to the original Legend of Zelda for the NES. They soon re-created the game with updated graphics, but since then have added new fan made quests for the game using the original and updated graphics. In recent times, the project has shifted outside of just the original Legend of Zelda and now the game engine can be used to create your own fan games. It is definitely worth a visit for all fan game enthusiasts.

Last but not least, I’d like say that Zelda Dungeon is no longer partnered with the Zelda Wiki. I’ve just had a second opinion on the project and no longer wish to support it. However, the Zelda Wiki link along the left navigation is still up, but now links to Zelda Wikia, which is the official Zelda Wiki on the internet. Official meaning it is part of the Gaming Wikia network, which in turn is run by Wikipedia. Just as wikipedia, Zelda Wikia is an encyclopedia dedicated strictly towards Zelda. It is a good place for general information on anything and everything in the Zelda world.

Phantom Hourglass Items
Zelda Classic
Zelda Wikia

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