Zelda Dungeon Marathon 2019:

Phantom Hourglass Heart Containers

I wrote up our first piece of content for the upcoming Phantom Hourglass. The good old Heart Containers. How do I have this content up before the game has even been released here in the states? Well, the game is not out yet, but the official Nintendo players guide sure is. When I was picking up my copy of Halo3 at midnight just the other day, I showed my true Nintendo colors and picked up a copy of the Phantom Hourglass strategy guide while the Microsoft fan boys stared at me in despair.

Nonetheless, the page is still in its earliest form. As I get the game and play through myself, more detailed descriptions will be available. Also, down the line hopefully I can get the hardware and/or some sort of emulator so I can provide screenshots to help spice up these pages. Expect a whole bunch of new Phantom Hourglass pages in the coming days leading up towards the release on October 1st.

Remember, Zelda Dungeon is your Phantom Hourglass Headquarters and once the game is released I will be working as hard as I can to provide you with as up to date content as I can get. That being said, my Adventure of Link Video Walkthrough and a few other unfinished projects are going to be put on a temporary hiatus, as Phantom Hourglass is my number one priority.

Phantom Hourglass Heart Containers

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