I’ve been working on this page on and off over the last week or so and it is finally ready for release. The characters page gives descriptions and images for almost every single character that Link will encounter during the game. There is also a bit of artwork available on the characters page.

I still got a few more pages to go with Phantom Hourglass and I apologize for slacking a bit lately. I’ve been spending a lot of time working on the Dark World, our community forums. We recently upgraded to vBulletin and I’ve been adjusting a lot of little things here and there. I still got a few things to work out at the forums, but they are up and running. The new forums have a wide variety of Zelda discussion topics as well as a cool shoutbox for general chitchat. So if you aren’t a member, now is a perfect time to give it a shot.

Phantom Hourglass Characters
Zelda Dungeon Community Forums, The Dark World

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