After a few days of writing, scanning, and editing, we finally have the Phantom Hourglass Boss Guide up and ready for you all. It contains descriptions of all the major bosses in the game as well as official art for many of the bosses. Unless you are from the Far East, you have yet to get your hands on a copy of Phantom Hourglass, so what good is a boss guide for you now? At the very least, check it out to view some of the awesome artwork of some of the bosses of the game. It truly looks beautiful.

So thus far, we have the Boss Guide and Heart Containers pages up for Phantom Hourglass. Look for more content pages from Phantom Hourglass to be available in the coming days as we approach the release of the game. The game is scheduled for release this coming Tuesday, October 1st.

We also have a new-old affiliate, Zelda Domain, or as they will be known as in just a few months, Absolute Zelda. They have been online on and off over the last few years but are gearing towards a massive re-launch coming this December. The site will be featuring very in-depth game content and video based content. The site also differs from many Zelda sites as there updates are Audio based rather than the usual text based. Before Absolute Zelda makes their impressive launch this December, they need your help! Are you a talented artist who loves the Zelda series? Absolute Zelda wants you! That’s right. AZ is looking to hire artists to help spice up their upcoming content pages. If you are interested in the job, head on over to Absolute Zelda for more information.

Phantom Hourglass Bosses
Phantom Hourglass Heart Containers
Zelda Domain

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