PH Walkthrough Goodness

Mases and I have been working on the Phantom Hourglass walkthrough a lot, now that classes are postponed for Christmas break. With that being said, here’s two chapters for your game-help-pleasure.

Zelda Central, one of the big boys in the zelda fan site community is planning to relaunch here soon. For now, their forums are back online, which is very exciting. Keep a lookout for their triumphant return

Kudos goes to Zelda Elements who mentioned our new layout and PH walkthrough in their last update. They’ve got a lot of stuff up their sleeves to unleash in a few days, so check back with them soon to be amazed.

Phantom Hourglass Walkthrough, Chapter 9 – Wet Waters
Phantom Hourglass Walkthrough, Chapter 10 – Having A Blast

Zelda Central Forums – The Forest Haven
Zelda Elements

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