PeanutButterGamer: Zelda’s Adventure

L6mJYKcWell, the time has come. As Zelda Month 2015 comes to an end, PBG bites the bullet and plays through Zelda’s Adventure on Phillips CD-i, finally finishing all three infamous Zelda titles on the horrid console. This game is extremely different from The Faces of Evil and Wand of Gamelon, but is that actually a good thing? Does the fact that it is a lot more similar to traditional Zelda games make it worth trying out? PBG is getting into dangerous waters with this game, and it can only end in hilarity.

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I suppose that live-action cutscenes at the time were impressive to see in a game, but MAN. That old man is something else. I didn’t think anyone could sound that uninterested in a terrible villain like Ganon attacking the world. …Excuse me. “Gannon”. Honestly, I kind of love hearing these weirdly voice-acted characters throughout the game. The guy that gives Zelda a feather so affectionately cracked me up, and the random witch lady that steals a heart from Zelda for no reason is just so ridiculous it’s funny. One really has to look at these games and laugh, as they are all hilariously bad in totally different ways. That is, if you get to watch someone else play them. I imagine playing them yourself is pure torture. So thanks for that, PBG.

Did you have a good time this past Zelda Month? Wat do you think PBG should play next year? Drop a comment!

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