GamelonPeanutButterGamer continues Zelda Month with the second part of his video on The Wand of Gamelon! Having bitten off more than he could chew, he had to split up the video to be able to release the first part in time. We previous reported on part one, and now you can watch the second part right after the jump.


The second half of the game has some weird jumps in difficulty: from the unresponsive platforming to easy bosses and back to rains of nearly undodgable bits of rock (or lethal rain drops, who can tell). The Wand of Gamelon also seems to have one of the most visual heart containers in the series: a massive and still beating heart that Zelda picks up and adds its power to her own, like a really messed up Aztec version of the Dovahkiin. It also has one of the most ominous rescue scenes in all of the series, which immediately suffers from a massive mood whiplash when it turns back into a goofy cartoon.

But one of the most bizarre and dark scenes is when Zelda strikes down the wizard Hectan as part of a boss battle. Writing it out would not do the scene justice, so I strongly urge you to watch the video and see for yourself. Now that you have seen the entire game in action has your opinion on it changed? For better or worse? Or did you just have a good laugh? Please share your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: YouTube

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