GamelonZelda Month continues with PeanutButterGamer tackling the infamous second part of the Unholy Triforce: The Wand of Gamelon! After beating The Faces of Evil in last year’s Zelda Month the brave but foolish PuhBuhGuh travels to the cursed island of Gamelon to do battle with Ganon and his minions and save Link and King Harkinian. This game marks the first in two occations where Zelda is the main playable character with the other being in Zelda’s Adventure, the third part of the Unholy Triforce. Watch the video after the break!

As you can see The Wand of Gamelon is, to put it mildly, a lackluster game. It has cheap enemy placement and unfair platforming that would make the early Castlevania games cry foul, items from the shop costing more money than even Ravio would dare to charge and unclear directions who were unfortunately all too common in games at that time (and even in The Legend of Zelda!). The game also has some strange conventions when it comes to using certain items. Because of the lack of a magic bar items that you’d suspect to cost magic to use instead use rupees. While we have seen this before in the original game where the bow can magically turn rupees into arrows, having your Magic Cape, your Magic Cloak and even your flute cost money is just strange. Not to mention the many other strange and confusing flaws that you might have noticed.

What do you think? Does The Wand of Gamelon have at least some merits to it or is it best left forgotten alongside the other parts of the Unholy Triforce? Share your thoughts in the comments below, and tune in on Monday when the second part of PeanutButterGamer’s review comes out and will be reported on by this very website!

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