zaPeanutButterGamer is back with a third video in his annual Zelda month, this time dedicating an entire video to Hyrule Warriors. Three years ago, PBG uploaded a series of videos to celebrate the release of Skyward Sword; fans loved it so much that it became an annual event. This video is nothing short of excellent, so hit the jump to take a look!

For the 2014 Zelda Month, PBG has uploaded an Ocarina of Time hacking showcase and a satirical video dedicated to the Legend of Zelda cartoon series. In this most recent video, PBG showcases Hyrule Warriors (in a similar fashion to the 2011 Zelda Month where he featured Skyward Sword) and he discusses the gameplay, characters, and story in a highly fun and comedic way. In this video he pokes fun at the character’s nonrecognition of Sheik, simple enemies, and hilarious playable characters.

I have been a longtime fan of PeanutButterGamer as he always uploads excellent content; his dorky charisma and genuine, optimistic attitude makes him one of my favorite YouTubers. If you haven’t subscribed or checked out his videos yet, make sure you check out his channel here!

What do you think of PBG’s Zelda Month so far? Share your thoughts below!

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