mqdefaultIt’s that time of year again! PBG once again pumps out loads of Zelda content for the month of November, and he’s starting it off with a video of him hacking Skyward Sword, a game that I think most are going to be perfectly fine seeing totally messed with. Trust us. Hilarity ensues. He has also started playing hacked Skyward Sword on his gaming channel, so make sure to check that out, too!

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Infinite stamina, faster flying, NO MORE FI – this is everything we ever wanted! I cannot get enough of this. The seizures, the streching, the glitched-out insanity, and PBG’s just plain dry humor the whole time. Needless to say, we can expect more fun times from him real soon, so subscribe to his channel every now and then for more! Again, he has also begun trying to play Skyward Sword like this on his gaming channel, and you just know that will end well.

Do you want more hacking videos from PBG? What Zelda game should he mess wit next? Drop a comment!

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