Earlier this week, Japanese manufacturer HORI announced a new Zelda-themed GameCube controller for Nintendo Switch. While we were impressed with the classic controller’s sleek design, we were plenty disappointed to learn that there are currently no plans to release it outside of Japan. Luckily, American game accessory company PDP is planning to release their own Zelda-inspired GameCube controller for Switch later this year.

Known for their popular line of Pixel Pals, PDP has always had its hand on the pulse in regards to the latest gaming trends. So, with the release of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate coming later this year, the company revealed plans to release a new line of GameCube controllers for Switch based on classic Nintendo franchises. In addition to gamepads inspired by Super Mario and Pokémon, PDP will release a Zelda-themed controller featuring a blue color scheme and a Hylian Shield design.

PDP’s Wired Smash Pad Pro controllers will feature customizable C-sticks, allowing players to swap between the traditional C-stick seen on the GameCube and a larger stick to create a twin-analog experience. The controllers will be wired, with a 10-foot USB cable that “ensures a strong connection during crucial moments and… allows plenty of room to get comfortable.”

The Zelda Dungeon team actually got the chance to check out these classic controllers in person at E3 2018, and we found them to be lightweight and comfortable to hold. Players hoping for a dynamic controller to use while playing Smash or those looking for a controller with a striking design should definitely check them out.

An exact release date for these controllers has not yet been announced, but PDP has hinted at a release in September or October.

What do you think of these new classic controllers? How do they stack up to HORI’s new line of GameCube controllers? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: PDP (via Polygon)

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