PAX East 2013 is over now but the memory lives on through pictures. For those of you who made it to Boston, MA for this annual expo of video gaming, CHEERS! For those of you who didn’t, don’t worry, I took lots of pictures for you. Even though there was relatively no new Zelda anything brought to us from the Nintendo booth at PAX East this time around, the fans brought all the Zelda we needed.

Aside from all the game reveals, demos, previews, shopping and cosplay my favorite thing about PAX was talking to the like-minded people. It was amazing to be amongst a group of such cool and interesting gaming enthusiasts. Despite the lack of Zelda related revelations, more than a few fans came equipped with a wide variety of Zelda gear and costumes.

Hit the jump to see a few of my favorite Zelda pics and my overall gallery of the Penny Arcade Expo!


Every now and again, someone makes a costume choice that really throws you back. I remembered my first visit to Dragon Roost Island and the island’s colorful inhabitants. I didn’t have to look twice before I realized I was looking at the lovely Medli of the Rito.

Young Link

You’ve got to love a classic and that’s what this is. Young Link here kneels before the camera confidently displaying his Hylian Shield with pride and his Navi fluttering close by over his shoulder.

Pen The Poet as Teen Link

Pen the Poet bridges the gap in time between Young Link and Adult Link by dressing up as ‘Teen Link.’ Standing tall, Teen Link proudly displays flaring ears, a fully functional Ocarina, UGG boots and a giant smile.


I know that there are MANY other Zelda cosplayers and fans who attended PAX East this year that I missed. Which is your favorite cosplay/Zelda enthusiast pic of this gallery? Please make sure to include your comments and/or post links to other pictures of cosplay that you liked from PAX East 2013.

Source: Imgur

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