Ah yesSo a few days ago, Microsoft CFO Dennis Durkin was all “Microsoft’s first party titles are superior to Nintendo’s”. Which is something you’d expect, you’ll never hear a company say that their competition’s product is superior, never ever (even if it is). Well, gaming analyst Michael Patcher had a few things to say about that, specifically the fact that Nintendo’s first party software is indeed superior to both Microsoft and Sony’s .

I agree, though I’ve played some great titles on my 360, I’ve played even on each Nintendo system I’ve had to pleasure of owning over the years, and I’m sure many of you feel the same way. No game is ever going to beat Mario at platforming, and nothing out there could ever compare to any of the Zelda games ever released. Here’s what Patcher had to say

Xbox CFO Dennis Durkin is a great guy, and is paid to be loyal to his Microsoft family. I think Nintendo’s first-party content is vastly superior to either other console manufacturer’s, and don’t think that either Sony or Microsoft would really dispute that

Yeah, no contest. It’s very foolish for other companies to call out Nintendo, especially because of how much money they made with the Wii and DS alone. Hopefully Nintendo will keep up this money making trend of their’s with the Wii U and 3DS.

Source: CVG

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