Michael Pachter

Gaming industry analyst Michael Pachter is known for making lots of predictions – of which he gets many wrong, but also some correct. He was right about the Call of Duty monthly subscription fee, and as a professional, his opinion is valid.

This time around he brings us his predictions for what Nintendo will be doing at their E3 press conference. All of these points come from the latest episode of Giantbomb’s Bombcast. Check them out below:

– Hardware and a bunch of titles at E3

– Many games since Nintendo hasn’t shown much this year

– Date for Kid Icarus: Uprising

– Last showing for Zelda: Skyward Sword

– Nintendo will probably say that they’ll have a Mario title at launch

– Pachter believes the Vitality Sensor is dead

– Pachter echoes IGN’s report of Foxconn beginning production in October

– He also thinks they could produce one million consoles per month

– Japanese launch for Project Cafe in April

– Also possible that Nintendo could stockpile systems and launch simultaneously in September

Source: Nintendo Everything

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