ALBWLogoYou may remember a few days ago we did a story on the overworld differences between A Link Between Worlds and A Link to the Past. From what had been revealed, it seemed the differences were purely in the Dark World leaving the Light World pretty much exactly as it was in A Link to the Past. Judging from the comments, everyone was still looking forward to the game and didn’t care the overworld will be identical. However, a side by side comparison has now been made to directly compare the two overworlds and things aren’t quite as identical as you might expect.

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A Link to the Past is extremely popular among Zelda fans so it may surprise you to know I’ve only played A Link to the Past once while visiting a friend a few years ago and had to rush through it to finish it before I left. Having only played it once I’m not very familiar with the overworld but this video was a great way to see how the two overworlds compared and there were some clear differences between them.

The upgraded graphics aside, at first it looks as though everything is pretty much the same right down to flowers and skulls being in the same places, maybe with some extra attention to detail to make the area look more vibrant. There are a few extra things in A Link Between Worlds, like the holes in the walls that Link can travel through but, as Link has some new abilities in this game, it would stand to reason that there will be a few little additions to incorporate these now powers. As the video goes on, it’s pretty much all the same. Buildings, trees and statues are all in the same place but, gradually, changes become apparent.

Missing bridgeThe first one I noticed was that there are more enemies on the overworld. In the A Link to the Past video there may have been one enemy but in A Link Between Worlds there are two or three. It’s difficult to tell if this will be rolled out across the entire overworld or if it’s just a few extra enemies here and there but at least it will give the game a decent level of difficulty. But then, at around 2:05, there was a huge difference: an entire bridge was missing. As I’m not very familiar with the game I have no idea where that bridge in A Link to Past goes but, wherever it is, what has happened to it in A Link Between Worlds?

Something has to be there, they can’t really just remove and entire section of the map so it will be interesting to see what they’ve done. The said the overworld would be identical but, clearly, that’s not the case. You need the hammer to get across the bridge in A Link to the Past so maybe there will be something in A Link Between Worlds that you use to get across there instead or you do something to make the bridge appear.

We’ve only seen a fraction of the overworld so there could be other changes like this that we haven’t come across yet. Seeing as A Link Between Worlds will take place hundreds of years after A Link to the Past, I highly doubt the Catfish will still be around to give you the Quake Medallion.

Are you glad there are some changes to the overworld to investigate? Would you prefer it if they made it identical to give a stronger sense of nostalgia? Or do you not care and just want to play the game already?

Source: YouTube