The 1989 Legend of Zelda cartoon remains a notable if curious footnote in history, as the series did a lot at the time of its release to acquaint viewers with the world of Hyrule but has become the butt of nonstop jokes in the years to follow. But for all its faults, the Zelda cartoon is just so dang lovable in its stupidity. There’s a reason why the phrase, “Well excuse me, Princess,” still resonates with fans to this day.

Just in time for the animated series’ 30th anniversary, a group of over 40 artists have come together to reanimate several iconic moments from the Zelda cartoon. Directed by Danielle Windram and Abbey Brunzell, The Legend of Zelda ReAnimated Series presents the cartoon classic like you’ve never seen it before.

Each featured artist depicts a scene from the show in their own unique style, with animation ranging from traditional to absurd. There’s even some live-action elements and puppetry! The artistry and creativity of the Zelda community is certainly evident with each new sequence, which goes to show how many people the series has touched over the years.

In addition to Windram (@deedledraws on Instagram) and Brunzell (@a_brunzell on Instagram), this project features:

Animators listed in order*:
Opening: Danielle Windram
1. Eli Sowers, @everyonehiccups on insta
2. Danielle Windram and Abbey Brunzell
3. Tashmon Dimps, @tashmondimps
4. Bre Watson, @bre_draws
5. Patrick Walsh, @theunclepk
6. Dominic Sorbara
7. Oakley Billions, @oakleybillions
8. Christina Locopo, @stinkl1ng
9. Mike Carfora, @mikecarf
10. Rory Mcbrady, @rorymcbrady @moldyleftovers
11. Senna Church, @elvenking42
12. Mac Rosenberg, @buffchicken
13. Nicole Otaola, @nickniss
14. Alexandre Vaillant, @LaCanneDeThon
15. Tai Chavez, @tai.chavez, @technicoloriing
16. Nicholas Cruz, @nickcruzzz0
17. Lauren Orr, @rosediode
18. Diego, @BirdWithAHat
19. Finn Walsh, @finnimate
20. Magnitude Fowler, @captainmvf
21. Gen Mbesi, @gensportfolio
22. Gavin Laird, @gavinlairdart
23. Emily Curran, @fishy_frog
24. Nicole Otaola
25. Christina Brancella, @Creative_Crossidraws
26. Warren, @hades.warren
27. Bow, @bow_doodles/@bowtiebuns
28. Abbey Brunzell
29. June Stochel, @junes.toons
30. Abbey Brunzell
31. McKayla Krygier, @cantaloaf
32. Chloe Sauer, @Goodknightmylove
33. Fred Quayenortey, @artistthemartyr
34. Abbey Brunzell
35. Kristen Dossett, @Kristen.Dossett and Abbey Brunzell
36. Tai Chavez
37. Katy Malan, @okayomayo
38. Fred Quayenortey
39. Hannah De Nichilo, @bunnalien
40. Cooper, @arkav0id
41. Jacqueline Aquino, @jackiwi /@jackiwi_art
42. Dymond Mahones, @ghoste_kid/@GhosteKid
43. Miranda Schneider, @mirandaclarefs/@aibirdy
44. Abbey Brunzell
45. Celia Woessner, @sketchypumpkin
46. Andi, @ltsandi
47. Jon Scheibenpflug, @chewi105
48. Cooper

The Legend of Zelda ReAnimated Series is similar to other fan-led projects Shrek Retold and The Empire Strikes Back Uncut. My only criticism is that, unlike those projects, this one depicts random moments from several different episodes of the original cartoon rather than a full story. This choice makes it hard to follow the action in any given case, but it does prove just how creepy Link and his constant quest for kisses really are. All in all, though, this is a project worth celebrating!

What did you think of Legend of Zelda ReAnimated Series? Which was your favorite segment? Let us know in the comments below!

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