Twitter user ThaiKay1 posted an image yesterday of what appears to be Outset Island from The Wind Waker. After a little research, I discovered the original post on the official Minecraft forums. The builder, Russer, clearly put a lot of work into it, as the detail is certainly there. You can even see the flickering torches on each doorway!

If you’re looking for more Minecraft wonders, I suggest exploring Russer’s WordPress page. He has a great selection of intricate and creative work. In addition, there is plenty more to be found on the Minecraft forums, from all corners of the Zelda universe. Be sure to take a look and explore!

Wouldn’t it be cool if Minecraft maps like these were used in future walkthroughs? The author could post notes in specific areas and use screenshots as three-dimensional maps for the player. For those of us with little map-drawing skills, this seems like a great idea! What do you think? Let us know in the comments below!

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