One of our biggest regrets is that we’ve let our Zelda game homepages fall into decline, so with this being the series’ 25th anniversary year we’re dedicating ourselves to make sure we bring all of the pages up-to-date with in-depth articles, guides, and everything else we ought to be delivering as a Zelda site. This won’t all happen overnight, but we’re aiming to expand this kind of coverage to as many of the major games as we can on their own individual birthdays.

The Wind Waker is the first game to receive this treatment. All of the old broken links have been cleared out and the article archive has been updated to feature everything major we’ve ever written about the game – whether it’s an old Bombers’ article or one of the more recent casual pieces. Also, if you visit the page now you’ll get another hint at the new content that’ll be coming later today… I wonder what it could be?

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